Where do I make my pots?
All pots are handmade by me in my home studio. I fire and glaze in a co-op studio nearby where I’ve been a member for over a decade. 

How do I make my pots?
Pottery has three steps: throwing, trimming, and glazing. Throwing is the wet part on the wheel; trimming is when I excavate the foot on the bottom and decorate with carvings; glazing means painting with pulverized liquid glass and wax. Each piece is fired twice in a kiln (which heats the pots to over 2,200*F). It takes an average of 8 weeks for me to turn a raw lump of clay into a fully finished piece. 

Are all pots identical?
No way - that’s what makes them so fun! Every pot is different and varies slightly in size, weight, and glaze coloration. This depends on factors such as humidity, claybody, firing temperature, and kiln placement.

Are pots easy to take care of?
Pots are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are built to be used daily and last for years when treated with care.

Price Transparency
I price my pots to reflect the cost of: clay, glaze, studio fees, equipment, storage space, business expenses, quality, skill, and time. Purchasing the fine art of a local crafter is an investment in artistry and an equitable alternative to mass production.  

I offer free pick-up at my studio with the STUDIOPICKUP discount code. Or shipping for a flat rate of $20 via USPS.  

If you do not love your pot, gift it to someone who does. I do not offer returns and it is extremely rare for a pot to be defective. But if your pot is weirdly broken or unusable, let me know right away.